Coronavirus Covid 19

Coronavirus Covid 19 effect on Motorcycle Tours.

Updated Tour Booking and Cancellation Policy

COVID-19 - 100% Refund Policy.

Until 2020 McTours had never cancelled a tour, even if there was just one rider booked, because we appreciate that our customers face other costs such as flights and so the tour package price may only represent a small part of their outlay. However, with the challenges that the 2020 season posed we had no choice other than to cancel all tours.

The pandemic is constantly impacting on travel plans and so to offer our customers peace of mind we are offering a 100% refund if any customer has to cancel their tour with us for any Covid-19 related matter.

Looking forward to 2021 we are hopeful that the virus will be under control and providing we can reach the tour location we will deliver the tour. If either you or McTours are restricted to travel due to Covid-19 and cannot join the tour we shall offer 100% refund.

We will update our risk assessments to ensure we take into account the potential risk of infection and do whatever we can to limit the potential exposure. As such the tour delivered will not necessarily be as described because of the changes we make to limit the potential risk to our customers and staff. One change might be to use smaller boutique hotels where there will be fewer guests and less potential to come into contact with someone infected. Rest assured if you are intent on touring with us we will do our upmost to deliver.

For those who book and later decide they need to cancel for non covid-19 related matters, we will endeavour to refund as much as possible of any funds paid. However, please bear in mind that if stated on your invoice that any part of deposits was due to a 3rd party, such as a motorcycle rental agent, they may be uncompromising, but we shall do our best to recover all funds.

If you are thinking of making a booking now, we would suggest that if the tour is in a country in lockdown that we simply note your interest and update you as soon as events change. This ensures our customers can safely make enquiries without cash outlay or risk and we shall only accept the booking when you know you can travel to the tour location. After all a helmet is a face mask of sorts, gloves and riding gear offer a degree of protection and riding a bike puts you in a degree of isolation, so, we just need to keep our distance from others and maintain the hygiene advice and we are well on the way to staying safe.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your options.