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Florence Arno River View South from the Quiraing Isle of Skye Rider approaching with mountains behind taken near Formingal, in the Spanish Pyrenees Cinque Terra France Lot Rocamadour Cuidad Rodrigo from the distance Coll de Boixols Group Photo

COVID-19 - 100% Refund Policy.

The pandemic is constantly impacting on travel plans and so to offer our customers peace of mind we are offering a 100% refund if any customer has to cancel their tour with us for any Covid-19 related matter.

Please refer to the temporary change in our terms Coronavirus Covid 19 effect on Motorcycle Tours

European Motorcycle Tours - Motorbike Holiday Adventures

Unforgettable Luxury Motorcycle Touring Holidays in Europe

On a McTours European Adventure Motorcycle Tour, riders in search of unique and interesting travel experiences can explore the landscape, culture, and vibe of the place they visit. Our European motorbike circuits are one of the best ways to do that because riders are engaged with the landscape observing the road ahead and the scenery around them. Our European motorbike trips offers a more intimate and detailed look at the landscape, culture, and people. If this makes you think about touring Europe by motorcycle then come to McTours, because we provide a variety of interesting and well-organized touring motorcycle holidays in Europe that traverse some of the best roads in the continent.

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McTours Guided Motorcycle Tours through Europe

Arranging your guided motorbike tour through McTours makes the experience easy and convenient for you. Our European motorbike trips are well-planned, ride at a leisurely pace and mostly stay in quality hotels. Here are some things available in our European Adventure Motorcycle Tours:

Motorcycle Rental

We rent late model well-maintained motorcycles on all our tours, so, if you are planning touring Europe on a motorcycle through McTours you don’t have to bring your own bike or try to find a motorcycle rental agent in your destination country or region. In most locations we operate in Europe we can supply BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha and other brands on request for your motorcycle Europe tour. We can offer adventure, touring, sport and cruiser styles thus, there is a bike to suit every rider. Naturally, if you want to bring your own motorbike that’s just fine with us!

Quality Hotels

We select from top quality hotels that also offer good value for money available along each route. Most are 4 star rated and our standard proposition is each rider in their own en-suite room, so, you can rest in comfort and luxury after a long day of motorbike riding without being kept awake with someone else's snoring! Many of the hotels we use have comprehensive leisure facilities and all selected hotels have been carefully vetted to ensure they serve a good range of food to suit different palates because we usually book for dinner, bed and breakfast. Naturally, we also ensure there is secure motorbike parking.

Carefully Researched Routes

Our tours routes are carefully researched, well-planned and well-designed to ensure you have a safe and fun ride. We offer a broad range of tours, some visiting different hotels each night and covering large geographical areas while others operating from a fixed base. These fixed base options prove especially popular for those with non-biking partners because daily trips explore an area in greater detail and return to the same hotel each night enabling your partner to enjoy the hotels leisure facilities and local sights while you are riding and of course there is no baggage to haul as we return to the same base each night.

Flexible and Bespoke Offers

Touring Europe by motorcycle holidays can be flexible and bespoke. Our day motorbike trips are also popuar as gifts for birthdays etc., and with cruise ship passengers who have limited time to explore ashore. Most riders come for our set tours lasting 4-14 nights and spend most of those days riding. We have organised many bespoke motorbike tours including one that that lasted 5 weeks and visited 10 countries. Our 9 day, 8 night touring holiday with 7 day riding is the most popular. We have a number of different options available to you and can also customise the trip according to your requirements.

The Best European Motorcycle Touring Holidays

There are many different and beautiful destinations to explore in Europe. We like to provide our clients with the benefit of choice and offer motorcycle tours in some of the most popular destinations with the best biker roads in Europe. We conduct guided motorbike tours through specific regions and cities or through entire countries. Here are some of the most popular European Tours we offer:

Motorcycle Tours Scotland

We have always offer a broad range of Scottish Tours during 2020 two in particular generated most interest.

Ardelve looking east towards Loch Duich - motorbike tour scotland
The first of these tours begins in the Clyde estuary and makes its way to the west coast via the Isle of Bute and later Mull before turning north to the Isle of Skye and the highlands. This tour takes you across the Scottish west coast by motorbike visiting some islands and ventures to the far north Highlands of Scotland.

Get full details about our Scottish Highlands and Islands Tour by following the link.

West Coast Islands and Highlands of Scotland the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye showing the road winding up the hill with a view to the south and the sea beyond - scottish motorcycle tour
The second primarily tours the Scottish Highlands and incorporates the best parts of the North Coast 500 and deviates off route in other areas to offer roads bikers love. It starts and ends in Glasgow and traverses the country passing through many famous landmarks and the Isle of Skye returning to Glasgow via Glencoe. Get full details about our Scottish Highlands Tour by following the link.

Scottish Highlands Motorcycle Tour
Visitors will discover that Scotland great roads that will delight most riders. The scenery of Scotland is beautiful from its rolling hills to dramatic mountains and over thirty thousand lochs and numerous islands, so, it is little surprise to find that Scotland is so often voted a top destination including being voted by Rough Guide readers as the most beautiful country in the World.
Click the link to list our other motorbike tours in Scotland
Scottish Motorcycle Tours

Motorcycle Tours Italy

We have offered motorbike tours in our favourite regions of Italy since 2011. Past clients have favoured the north of the country around the Italian Lakes and Alps, Dolomites and Tyrol regions together with Tuscany though we have also toured the south, Sicily and Sardinia. Most recently we have improved our offering in these two tours.

Manarola a town in the Cinque Terra viewed from the sea with coloured houses rising up the land - moto tour italy

Tuscany has always been a popular destination with our clients and last year we totally revised our Tuscan Motorcycle Tour spreading a little further into Emilia-Romagna and Umbria to incorporate the Cinque Terra.

Get full details about our Tuscan Tour by following the link.

Motorcycle Tour Tuscany

Taken neaar Bolzano with rugged snow covered mountains in the distance and rlling fields in the foreground - italian moto tour
It has been some years since we offered a tour in the Tyrol area and we are delighted to return in 2020. We have refined this tour since first offered and the present model condenses elements that past customers have told us were their favourites into a short tour.

Get full details about our Italian Tyrol Moto Tour Tour.

Italian Tyrol Alps Motorcycle Tours
Italy is hailed as one of the best travel destinations in Europe. Whether you love Italian cuisine or the magnificent churches, historic buildings and archaeological sites, you shall discover our Italian tours ride some outstanding roads twisting along coastal paths or across mountain ranges.
Click the link to list our other moto tours in Italy
Italian Motorcycle Tours

Motorcycle Tours Spain

We started touring parts of Spain in 2015 having spent previous years researching the areas we wanted to offer in our tours. We quickly discovered how great the Spanish roads are and in 2017 we first offered two Spanish Motorcycle Tours; one in the north and the other the south of the country.

group photo of McTours riders taken near Valle de Abdalajis in Andalucia - motorcbike tour spain
Southern Spain can be too hot to ride in during the summer months but late January to early March in Andalucía it is ideal. This is why this tour is particularly popular with Scottish bikers who want a pre-season warm up before getting their bikes back on the road for the main domestic biking season.

Get full details about our Andalusian Tour by following the link.

Guided Motorcycle Tour Spain

group photo with McTours riders taken at Coll de Boixols in the Spanish Pyrenees - spanish motorcycle tour
There are so many great roads in the Pyrenees it can be challenging to plot a route that takes in the best of them but we think we have got it just right for our latest motorcycle trip through the Pyrenees. This trip crosses back and forth between the Spanish and French sides and even stops overnight in Llivia a Spanish enclave surrounded by the French department of Pyrénées-Orientales.

Get full details about our Pyrenean Tour by following the link.

Guided Motorcycle Tour Pyrenees or Pyrenees with MotoGP
From the outstanding scenery along the twisty backroads in the Pyrenees in the north to the Sierra Nevada’s in the south the Spanish mountain roads will always thrill riders. Click the link to list our other Spanish Tours
Spanish Motorcycle Tours

Regional, National, Short or Bespoke Motorbike Tours

We also offer regional, national, short, and bespoke motorcycle journeys for different locations in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and we are currently researching the Balkans where we plan to offer tours in 2020. Most of our tour groups are limited to eight riders who are accompanied by two professional and experienced guides. This ensures travellers have some company without being too overwhelmed. If you want to know more about our services or are looking for reliable motorcycle tour companies, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Mc Tours Information

Visit the Mc Tours Information Pages to learn more about our Tour Propositions Learn more about McTours

Motorbike Tours Diary

Follow this link to 2020 Motorbike Tours and select a specific tour to learn more about our Guided Motorcycle Tours of Europe.

Motorbike Holiday Spain & Portugal

We also offer some motorbike tours that cross borders such as this one that starts in Spain, crosses to Portugal and returns to Spain Spain and Portugal motorbike tour now.

European Adventure Motorcycle Tours

On a McTours motorcycle journey you will not only enjoy breathtaking scenery, eat wonderful food and stay at quality hotels, you will also traverse superb roads that turn a holiday into a real adventure. Book your next motorcycle tour now.

Guided Motorcycle Tours

Our guided motorbike tours in Europe offer one of the best riding and adventure holidays taking riders alone roads that are often well away from the usual tourist trail. We run regular guided motorbike tours in Scotland. Spring guided motorbike tours in Spain and Portugal. Summer guided motorcycle vacations in Italy and France. We also offer bespoke guided motorbike tours in other areas.

Motorcycle Tours Europe

Experience the thrill and sensation of a motorcycle tour in Europe by riding along great twisty roads with wonderful landscapes and stopping in pretty vilages or great cities as you tour of Europe by motorcycle.

Motorcycle Vacation Packages - Motorbike Holidays

In addition to our preset motorbike tours McTours also offer bespoke packages so discuss your needs with us and lets see if we can offer the precise motorcycle vacation package you crave.

McTours offer motorcycle rental on all their UK and European Motorcycle Tours and in Scotland, for those who don't want a guided tour, they offer motorcycles for rent (motorcycle hire Scotland / motorcycle rental Glasgow).

With any of motorcycle tour operated by McTours whether that be in Motorcycle tours Scotland, Motorcycle tours England, Motorcycle tours Wales, Motorcycle tours Ireland, Motorcycle tours France, Motorcycle tours Italy, Motorcycle tours Spain or Motorcycle tours Portugal motorbike hire is available.

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Touring Europe on a Motorcycle

If you want to take a motorbike ride across Europe and don't want to get caught by the differing laws that might apply in European countries then use McTours. We will keep you on the right side of the law and ensure your motorbike tour in Europe is safe and fun!

Mctours operate motorcycle tours and are primarily a European motorcycle touring company. If you want a motorcycle Europe tours or desire touring Europe on a motorbike then a McTours European motorcycle tour is what you need. With McTours you will be touring Europe by motorcycle, across some of the best biker roads on any of their motorcycle tours in Europe.

McTours deliver a range of motorcycle tours of Europe, so, whether you want just one motorcycle tour in Europe or wish to return again and again on further touring around europe, McTours will welcome you on any of their motorbike tours europe or rather motorbike tours in europe. No matter if you call it a Europe motorcycle tours or European motorbike tours or Moto tours Europe, a McTours European Motorcycle tour is probably what you really want.

Luxury Motorcycle Tours

Many motorbike tour operators use low cost accommodation or promote sharing of rooms. McTours don't do that. Our standard package puts each rider in their own room with en-suite facilities because we want all our guests to have a good nights rest and be refreshed for the challenging roads we ride each day. A McTours holiday package therefore uses quality hotels. Most often we use branded (Best Western, Crowne Plaza, Hilton, Marriott etc.) 4 and 5 star rated hotels of luxury boutique hotels in order to deliver a Luxury Motorcycle Tour package.

Harley-Davidson Tours

McTours Ltd began life as Harley-Davidson Tours operating Harley tours in Scotland. As the business grew and we expanded our boundaries we rebranded and extended the range of bikes we offer. These days we still offer Harley-Davidsons for rent together with BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Triumph and occasionally other brands. Check some of our available rental motorcycles Motorcycle rental.

Scotland Motorcycle Tour

Our home base is in Scotland and needless to say we operate more motorcycle tours in Scotland than anywhere else. Visit this page to lean more about our Scottish motorbike tours

2020 Motorcycle Tour

Our diary page lists the tours that we are offering in 2020. We also offer bespoke packages for those seeking a special guided motorcycle touring holiday 2020 motorbike tours

McTours deliver motorcycle touring holidays, their luxury motorcycle tours and guided motorcycle tours through European countries are primarily in Scotland, Italy, France and Spain. McTours also offer occasional motorcycle tours in Austria, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Portugal and other parts of Europe. All past tours are also available from the menue above. McTours range of bespoke motorcycle tours vary from easy going to adventurous motorbike tours with on and off road riding to Harley-Davidson crusing style tours with more gentle curves but all motorcycle trips will take the rider on a true motorbike voyage.

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Pyrenees coll-de-montllobar Spain Pyrenean Mountains Tour with Moto GP Euro €3,650 to Euro €7,111
Looking east across Loch a Bhabaidh Daraich A Scottish Circuit Pound £2,995 to Pound £5,323
looking west towards Eigg Scotland West Coast Islands and Highlands Pound £2,580 to Pound £5,161
Beamish Hall Hotel Northumberland Pennines Scottish border Pound £3,050 to Pound £5,207
view with church on left and lake to right and around Italy Albania Macedonia Greece Euro €3,275 to Euro €7,431