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Discover your unparalleled motorcycle experience with McTours. As a motorcyclist, with or without pillion, you will embark on a captivating journey to uncover the hidden treasures of each destination. Our meticulously crafted guided motorcycle tours offer a unique perspective, allowing you and your fellow riders to forge a profound connection with the landscapes, cultures, and the authentic vibes of the places we explore. As we navigate the winding roads from the saddle you get a more intimate and detailed look at the scenery and people. McTours isn't just a motorcycle tour; it's an opportunity to intimately engage with the intricate tapestry of European beauty. If you're a discerning motorcyclist seeking a meticulously organised package holiday that traverses some of the finest roads on the continent, then McTours is your gateway to the ultimate motorcycle adventure. Come ride with us and experience Europe in a way that only the seasoned rider can truly appreciate.

2024 - 2025 Guided Motorcycle Tours


Adventurous Guided Motorcycle Routes

Embark on an exhilarating two-wheeled odyssey across the stunning landscapes of Europe, as we invite you to join us for an unforgettable guided motorbike expedition. Our commitment is to transform your journey into an epic adventure, seamlessly blending convenience and excitement. Picture yourself conquering the open roads, winding through captivating routes that are tailor-made for motorcycling enthusiasts like you. Revel in the thrill of cruising at a leisurely pace, savouring every twist and turn as you forge unforgettable memories. When the day's ride is done, unwind in comfort and style at our carefully selected, top-notch hotels. Here's a sneak peek at the treasures awaiting you on our trips:

Quality Hotels

We select from top quality hotels that also offer good value for money available along each route. Most are 4 star rated and our standard proposition places each rider in their own en-suite room, so, you can rest in comfort and luxury after a long day of riding without being kept awake with someone else's snoring!

Many of the hotels we use have comprehensive leisure facilities and all selected hotels have been carefully vetted to ensure they serve a good range of food to suit different palates because we usually book for dinner, bed and breakfast.

You can resat assured that we also ensure there is suitable parking for your bike.

Carefully Selected Routes

We guide you along carefully researched, well-planned and well-designed routes to ensure you have a safe and fun ride. We offer a broad range of tours, some visiting different hotels each night and covering large geographical areas while others operate from a fixed base.

Fixed base options prove especially popular for those with non-biking partners because daily journeys explore an area in greater detail and return to the same hotel each night enabling your partner to enjoy the hotels leisure facilities and local sights while you are riding and of course there is no baggage to haul as we return to the same base each night.

Flexible and Bespoke Offers

Touring Europe by motorcycle can be flexible and bespoke. Our day trips are also popular as gifts for birthdays etc., and with cruise ship passengers who have limited time to explore ashore. Most riders come for our set tours lasting 4-16 nights and spend most of those days riding.

We have organised many bespoke packages including one that that lasted 5 weeks and visited 10 countries. Our 9 day, 8 night touring holiday with 7 day riding is the most popular. We have several different options available to you and can also customise the trip according to your requirements.

Motorcycle Rental

At our base in Scotland we own a fleet of motorbikes used exclusively on our Scottish tours, elsewhere we rent late model well-maintained motorcycles from select business partners, so, if you are planning touring Scotland, other parts of the UK of further afield though Europe by bike through McTours you don’t have to bring your own or try to find a rental agent in your destination country or region. In most locations we operate in Europe we can supply BMW, CFMOTO, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha and other brands on request. We can offer adventure, touring, sport and cruiser styles thus, there is a bike to suit every rider. Naturally, if you want to bring your own bike that’s just fine with us!

Motorcycle Tours of Europe

There are many different and beautiful European destinations to explore such as the Spanish Portuguese Douro, or the Alps bordering Farnce, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria that we regularly tour. For those looking within the British Isles we have great Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish vacations each offering a unique adventure. We like to provide our clients with the benefit of choice in some of the most popular destinations with the best European biker roads within specific regions and cities or through entire countries. We also offer more specific packages and bespoke offerings such as for those wanting Harley-Davidson Tours UK or elsewhere in Europe or BMW Motorrad Adventures. Here are some of the most popular locations we visit:

Motorcycle Tours Scotland

We have always offered a broad range of Scottish Tours some focusing on parts of the nation’s history, one concentrating on locations in Scotland used in the filming of the Outlander TV series, and all traversing great twisty roads. During recent years two, in particular, generate regular interest.

Ardelve looking east towards Loch Duich - Scottish motorbike tour
The first of these tours begins in the Clyde estuary and makes its way to the west coast via the Isle of Bute and later Mull before turning north to the Isle of Skye and the highlands. You will be guided along narrow single track roads as we cross the Scottish west coast, visiting some islands and venturing into the Highlands. Learn more about the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

Scotish Islands and Highlands

the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye showing the road winding up the hill with a view to the south and the sea beyond - scottish motorcycle tour
Another circuit around Scotland takes you into the Scottish Highlands and incorporates the best parts of the North Coast 500 and deviates off route in other areas to offer roads bikers love. It starts and ends in Glasgow and traverses the country passing through many famous landmarks and the Isle of Skye returning to Glasgow via Glencoe. Get full details about our Scottish Highlands Tour by following the link.

Visitors will discover great roads that will delight most riders. The scenery is beautiful from its rolling hills to dramatic mountains and over thirty thousand lochs and numerous islands, so, it is little surprise to find that Scotland is so often voted a top destination including being voted by Rough Guide readers as the most beautiful country in the World. Click the link to get the full tour itinerary
Scottish Highlands Motorcycle Tour

Motorcycle Rental Scotland

Motorcycle Tours Italy

We first added Italy to our itinerary in 2011 and have toured there every year since. Many of our past clients have favoured the north of the country around the Italian Lakes and Alps, Dolomites and Tyrol regions together with Tuscany though we have also toured the south, Sicily and Sardinia.

The Trullis at Alberobello – round white houses with conical shaped roofs

Starting in Naples we have offered a grand 16 day tour (including day of arrival and day of departure) that went to outstanding locations as we cross Campania to Puglia then sail over to Albania and onwards through Macedonia and Greece before returning to Italy.

Italy Albania Macedonia & Greece

Motorcycle Tours Spain

Spain was added in 2015 after a few years researching to verify the regions areas we wanted to offer. We quickly discovered how great the Spanish roads are focusing on Andalucia, the Pyrenees and the Spanish Portuguese border region.

group photo with McTours riders taken at Coll de Boixols in the Spanish Pyrenees - Spanish motorcycle tour
There are so many great roads in the Pyrenees but we think this route traverses the best of them. This trip crosses back and forth between the Spanish and French sides and even embraces parts of the Basque Country.

Pyrenean Mountains Spain and France

Motorbiking Europe

Motorcycle Tours England

Northumberland, Yorkshire and the Lake District have always been popular areas for us because these offer a change from Glasgow and are easily reached. With a growing number of our UK based clients looking for a staycation we added The Cotswolds, Devon and Cornwall and have updated two of our former tours that embrace our favoured routes in the North of England.

Bamburgh Castle Northumberland England - motorcbike tour Northumberland and Scottish Borders
Starting near Edinburgh the route heads south to Northumberland where we spend three days touring before returning to Edinburgh to end the tour. On this tour you will visit Castles, a Heritage Village and ride some great backroads around Northumberland, Cumbria and the Scottish Borders.

Northumberland Motorcycle Tour

Limestone cottages with red pan tile roof along the side of a Brookside at Hovingham - motorcbike tour Yorkshire and Lake District
The second is a two centre 8 day, 7 night tour with 6 days riding that begins in the Yorkshire Moors and Dales then visits the Lake District and uses some of the best roads in the areas as we twist our way around the area, so much so, that the likes of Bing and Google maps simply cannot compute all the waypoints!.

There is quite a contrast in houses as we move from east to west coast. In Yorkshire limestone prevails giving the traditional houses a yellowish hue complimented by red pantiles roofs whilst over in Cumbria Slate is the favoured building material which give blue, grey and greenish colours to the traditional properties. The landscape of both also differs greatly as those who join this tour will soon appreciate.
Guided Motorcycle Tour Yorkshire

Motorcycle Tours UK


McTours has won several awards, most recently:

Best Motorcycle Tour Operator 2024

Awarded by EU Business News in the third European Travel Awards 2024

Best Motorcycle Tours Provider 2024 - Scotland - Travel and Tourism Awards 2024

Once again the LUXlife team have accessed companies in the travel and tourism sector and chosen McTours as Best Motorcycle Tours Provider 2024 in Scotland.

Motorcycle Tour Operator of the Year 2023/24 - Corporate Live Wire Global Awards 2023/24

After considering feedback from over 90,000 businesses and corporate professionals, magazine contributors and our subscribers who nominated companies & individuals based on factors such as quality of service, innovation, experience, sustainability and other areas, we are delighted to have been elected Motorcycle Tour Operator of the Year 2023/24.

Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 - Best Motorcycle Tour Operator 2023

We were delighted when Mctours Ltd was successful in the Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023 being awarded Best Motorcycle Tour Operator 2023.

Motorcycle Tour Company of the Year 2023 - UK - Best in Business Awards 2023

At McTours we strive to deliver the best motorcycle tour experience for our customers, and we are delighted to see our efforts have been recognised in The Business Concept 2023 Best in Business Awards.

Best International Motorcycle Tour Operator 2022 - UK - Hospitality Awards 2022

McTours are delighted to be awarded Best International Motorcycle Tour Operator 2022 - UK in the 6th annual Hospitality Awards hosted by LUX Life magazine

Motorcycle Tour Company of the Year - Scotland - 2021-22

The Scotland Business Magazine is available to over 500,000 Corporate Livewire subscribers on a national basis and 30,000 printed copies are sent directly to businesses and homes across the region. Business customers and subscribers nominate companies for the award and we are delighted to be acknowledged as Motorcycle Tour Company 2021 during these trying times. We hope to receive our award later this year when Covid restrictions ease.

Best Motorcycle Tours Agency - Scotland - 2020-21

Delighted to be awarded Best Motorcycle Tours Agency Scotland in the 5th annual Travel & Tourism Awards 2021 hosted by LUX Life magazine.

Adventure Experience 2020

Travel & Hospitality Awards selected hotel & tour winners from across Europe in over 50 categories and we were delighted to be awarded Adventure Experience for the Scottish region 2020