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2020 - 2021 Motorcycle Tour options and prices

Begin your motorbike touring adventure by selecting one of our upcoming European motorcycle tours. At McTours we strive to offer the best motorcycle tours in Europe. Full details about our great motorcycle tours of Europe are available on each tour page and additional information about any adventure motorcycle tour always available by asking if you cannot find what you want

Tours subject to availability - first come first served

Our tours are competitively priced with no hidden chargers and if you bring a pillion or guest the incremental cost is minimal because our typical proposition offers you a double room on single occupancy basis.

Italy Albania Macedonia Greece from 29/08/20 until 13/09/20

view with church on left and lake to right and around Location: Naples
Accommodation: Quality hotels typically 4 star, dinner, bed and breakfast
Tour begins: Saturday 29 August 2020 and ends: Sunday 13 September 2020
Summary: Cross Italy and sail to Albania. Tour Albania, visit Macedonia and Corfu onto Greece then head back to Italy. This 16 day tour (including day of arrival and day of departure) will take you to outstanding locations. Look at the pictures taken from past research trips and you will get a flavour of what's on offer.
From only Euro €205 per day

Rider in Double room (single occupancy) excluding motorcycle hire: Euro €4,295
Pillion/Guest (sharing room with rider): Euro €1,400
Rider sharing twin room with another rider excluding motorcycle hire: Euro €3,275
Rider with guest/pillion in Double or Twin Room and including Typical Motorcycle Hire: Euro €7,260
Motorcycle Hire Available: Yes
Average Motorcycle Hire (where not included above): Euro €1,790
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Discounts and Promotions

Book multiple riders to get a discount

  • 2.5% discount on the second rider
    • e.g. Rider #1 holiday cost #3,000 Rider #2 takes same holiday but pays only #2,925
  • 5% discount on the third rider
    • e.g. Rider #1 holiday cost #3,000 Riders #2 & #3 takes same holiday
    • #2 pays only #2,925
    • #3 pays only #2,850
  • 7.5% discount on the fourth rider
    • e.g. Rider #1 holiday cost #3,000 Riders #2, #3 & #4 takes same holiday
    • #2 pays only #2,925
    • #3 pays only #2,850
    • #4 pays only #2,775
  • 10% discount on the fifth rider
    • e.g. Rider #1 holiday cost #3,000 Riders #2, #3 & #4 takes same holiday
    • #2 pays only #2,925
    • #3 pays only #2,850
    • #4 pays only #2,775
    • #5 pays only #2,700
  • Six or more riders should consider a bespoke package

Book rider, pillion/guest and bike to get a 2.5% reduction (already applied in package prices)

Discounts can cumulate providing the maximum discount does not exceed 10% per person.

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The above price list is for upcoming adventure tours by McTours the European Motorcycle Tours specialist. Regular and bespoke motorcycle tours in Scotland, France, Spain and Italy with occassional motorbike tours in other parts of Europe.