• Italy Stelvio Pass Italy Stelvio Pass
    Italy Stelvio Pass
  • Italy, Tyrol, Alto Adige near Bolzano Italy, Tyrol, Alto Adige near Bolzano
    Italy, Tyrol, Alto Adige near Bolzano
  • Italian Tyrol and Dolomites, View near Bolzano Italy, Tyrol, View near Bolzano
    Italian Tyrol and Dolomites, View near Bolzano
  • The Passo Fedaia in the Tyrol region of Italy Italy, Tyrol, Passo Fedaia
    The Passo Fedaia in the Tyrol region of Italy
  • Germany 38 betweem hindelang and Oberjoch Germany 38 betweem hindelang and Oberjoch
    Germany 38 betweem hindelang and Oberjoch

UK to Tyrol - A Guided Motorcycle Tour

the South Tyrol region, Europe

Typically 3 star rated hotels

Return overnight ferry between the UK the Netherlands plus 11 nights accommodation in Europe with a private cabin, dinner on the ferry crossings. 11 hotel nights bed and breakfast and 5 nights dinner at hotels.
On this guided tour you will ride some of the best motorcycle routes starting from the South Tyrol region
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This is a private tour to celebrate Marcello Marinelli (Cello) 50th birthday only he can't come!

Look at this itinerary and discover some of the most interesting motorcycle routes in europe

Day 1 - Home to North Shields Ferry Terminal - circa 165 miles / 5 hours riding

DFDS FerryDepart home are make your way to a meeting point.

The first for those setting off from the west of Scotland will be at Bothwell services. The next for those in the central belt is Peebles and for those starting in the east Newton St Boswells.

There isn’t much in Otterburn but the creperie makes a nice stopping point as does the café in the mill shop to help break the journey. There are also public toilets on the A696 just before you cross the Otter Burn if you just need a short break before continuing the journey.

Folks arriving from the south should make their own way to the docks or consider other crossings and grouping in the continent. The ferry departs at 17:00 and you must be there is advance so suggest you arrive no later than 16:00.

The overnight ferry departs North Shields and arrives at 09:00 tomorrow morning in IJmuiden, Netherlands. Each rider or couple can have a private cabin and dinner and breakfast is available onboard.

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Day 2 - Ijmuiden to Frankfurt - circa 310 miles / 6 hours riding

FrankfurtIn order to make good progress away from Amsterdam towards the Italian border whilst avoiding toll roads we shall nevertheless use a number of dual carriageways. To break the journey we will make some interesting stops and deviate from the highway at times to take in some twisty country roads.

Departing the docks and for the next 90 minutes or so we use the A2 to bypass Amsterdam and at Utrecht we join the A12 to lead us to Arnhem where we stop for a refreshment break at Musicpark. Around these parts you find remnants of the old canal system that predates the re-engineering of the Rhine. Parts of the old town walls were used to block the old canal and the lake in Musicpark is one of the areas created during this change. There is a café on the corner opposite where we can safely park the bikes and enjoy a light refreshment.

As we leave Arnhem we stop using the major roads and loosely follow the course of the Rhine making our lunch stop at Rheinberg. If we are running behind schedule there is a McDonalds on the outskirts of town beside a petrol station that could make an easy stopping point for a large group. Though I suggest we go to the Marktplatz about 1km away because there are several other restaurants around this point.

Re-joining a dual carriageway we circumnavigate Cologne exiting the dual carriageway neat Manden to join the B8 which we take to Hochstenbach where we take another refreshment break.

A little south of Hochstenbach we re-join the A3 which will bring us to Frankfurt where we end the day in an hotel that overlooks the Cathedral in the heart of the old city centre.

View Route Guide (indicative only, actual may differ)

Day 3 - Frankfurt to Munich - circa 240 miles / 5 hours riding

MunichBing, Google and other mapping tools can make route plotting challenging at times and this route is a prime example. The 255 miles shown is incorrect because I cannot get it to plot the actual route I want which is a tad under 240 miles. This will also will involve a bit less time in the saddle than indicated using a mix of roads but as with yesterday a fair amount of highway riding to cover parts of the distance quickly.

There will be a few sightseeing stops along the route today because the area we pass through has many castles, medieval towns and historic buildings.

We leave Frankfurt on the A3 and exit at almost an hour later where market to Marktheidenfeld to join a minor road to pass Burg Gamburg a 12th century Castle. If you care to visit the murals within are believed to be the oldest north of the alps. Unlike most castles it has never been destroyed and so remains mostly intact. The route continues through countryside but is relatively straight and so at Bad Mergentheim we deviate route passing a ruined caste and onto Weikersheim Palace. From there we have a more meandering road through the Bavarian countryside to Rothenburg. The medieval walls of the town are well preserved and this makes a good lunch time stop.

We will next take a brief stop in Nordlinger built on the site of a crater created about 150 million years ago when a meteorite struck.

This also created an estimated 72,000 tonnes of diamonds and many micro diamonds remain around there to this day. Another claim to fame is that scenes from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory were filmed here and the Japanese anime TV series was inspired from the streets in Nordlinger.

We take a final brief stop in the university town of Augsburg which is Germanys 3rd oldest city founded and named after the Roman Emperor Augustus in 15BC.

The final leg of the route joins the A8 to bring us to Munich where we stop at a boutique hotel in the city centre

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Day 4 - Munich to Berchtesgaden - circa 120 miles / 3.5 hours riding

Eagles Nest BerchtesgadenWe depart Munich then proceed south westerly to intersect the Alpenstrasse, Germany’s oldest tourist route,then onwards to Aschau where we take a short break then follow the Alpenstrasse to Reit im Winkl and onwards east to Berchtesgaden which is usually considered the start point for the Alpenstrasse.

A little outside Berchtesgaden is where we also find Kehlsteinhaus (The Eagles Nest), which is now a restaurant and this is where we shall have lunch.

It is necessary to take a coach from the carpark to the lift which then hoist you up the mountain, so, we shall check into our hotel nearby which sits almost 1000m up the mountains, change out of the bike gear so that we can better enjoy the experience and have a relaxing afternoon.

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Day 5 - Berchtesgaden to Bolzano - circa 175 miles / 5.5 hours riding

Innsbruck old town centreLeaving Berchtesgaden and heading west you shall find there are many good roads around these parts but being conscious of the time to ride to Bolzano I have selected a more direct path that what I might otherwise have done. The B178 to Soll is actually a broad road that has gentle curves and the occasional tunnel though most of the time it affords great mountain views and is a pleasure to ride.

We pull into Soll for morning coffee. I last stopped at a coffee shop only minutes off the road but there are many hotels, diners, café’s and bars here so if you don’t like coffee there are alternatives in this ski resort.

Re-joining the B178 and continuing west we reach Innsbruck, the 5th largest city in Austria, where we break for lunch. The city has many beautiful buildings including one with a golden roof near where we shall park. After parking we shall head for the Maria-Theresien Strasse beside the town square where there are many places to dine.

As we leave Austria and cross into Italy we ride across the Brenner Pass B182, note there is also an Autobahn though I doubt any of you will prefer that! This brings us to a little place called Vipiteno where I once stopped for coffee at a café beside a tennis court. It’s easy to park there and makes a suitable refreshment stop before reaching Bolzano.

I must add at this point that previously I’ve used the Parkhotel Laurin which is probably too expensive for this trip. I’ve also used an out of town motel type place once to get accommodation on a budget but dining proved a problem. I also know that Cello wants to show us all to his culinary skills and so I have been seeking a large villa or apartments but so far this has been unsuccessful. I know of a hotel south of Bolzano near Lago di Caldaro that I’ve not stayed at before but have considered. The can offer half board at a reasonable rate. They also have a few apartments with self-contained kitchens so I’ll get in touch with the owner to see what can be arranged. If anyone has other accommodation suggestions to make please get in touch.

View Route Guide (indicative only, actual may differ)

Day 6 - Bolzano East Circuit - circa 165 miles / 6 hours riding

The village of Caprile in the DolomitesLeave your panniers at the hotel because this is a day for riding! The circular route east of Bolzano that I’ve chosen heads north on the SP73 to Gudon (the village of 7 hills) then east on the SP207, SP163 and SP29 passing through many Tyrol Ski resorts before turning to the sount on the SS244. 

At La Villa you will do a loop that takes in four of the great mountain passes in that region collectively known as the Stella Ronda; Campolongo, Gardena, Pordoi and Stella. The roads are narrow but there are several safe spots where you can pull off the road to take photographs.

You will discover that is addition to the famous passes there are many other great roads in this region and the pretty mountain villages with rugged mountain backdrops make this an especially picturesque region.

Time permitting you might want to take the cable car 2000 meters up the Sella and Marmolada mountains to further enhance those views before continuing your journey. The village of Caprile sits above 1000 meters and commands superb views across the Dolomites.

As this is a ski resort region there are no shortage of hotels, restaurants and café’s but this is not their season and with possible Covid lockdown and I’m not too sure how easy it’s going to be to find a place open for lunch, so, best do some checking in advance or take a packed lunch.

On returning to La Villa you head south again on the SP37 to join the SP48 and later the Sp563 where you turn back to the west to begin the return journey to Bolzano on the SP641, SS48 and ss241

View Route Guide (indicative only, actual may differ)

Day 7 - Rest day

RelaxToday you can do whatever you want. It is a rest day. Sit back and have a drink or go off and explore the area unacompanied.

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Day 8 - Bolzano West Circuit - circa 170 miles / 5.5 hours riding

Adamello glacierThe Stelvio is one of those passes that many feel they have to ride. In my opinion there are more challenging and nicer passes in the alps, many of which you will ride on this tour. In fact, you will already have ridden better roads with less traffic on this trip but I appreciate that some just feel it’s a road you want to tick off your list. So, we head west to the Stelvio pass.

This circuit will take refreshments breaks at a patisserie in Pellizzano lunch at St Antonio cross the Stelvio Pass and a further break at Corzes on the return leg.

View Route Guide (indicative only, actual may differ)

Day 9 - Bolzano to Oberaudorf - circa 175 miles / 5 hours riding

Deutsche Alpenstrasse approaching BarmseeWe leave Bolzano heading north taking the SS12 that runs alongside the autostrada to Brixen where we park the bikes and cross the river into the pedestrianised town centre. We shall only make a brief stop in the oldest town in the region. It has pretty narrow streets and a vibrant town centre. It makes a good spot for a light refreshment break.

We now deviate towards the east and join the SP40 which is a great twisty road interspersed with villages and random housing, hotels . later we join the SP44 heading more north easterly and stop beside Lago di Anterselva for lunch.

From that lakes we head east to Osttirol then north where we enter a toll tunnel as we cross from Italy into Austria and stop for another refreshment break at Mittersill before continuing north to end the day just over the German border at Oberaudorf where we shall be back on the Alpenstrasse trail.

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Day 10 - Oberaudorf to Oberjoch - circa 170 miles / 5 hours riding

Mount ZugspitzeFrom Oberaudorf we shall mainly follow the Alpenstrasse trail. Passing through Rottach-Egern, Bad Tolz and Oberammergau to name a few. The gentle climb of Mount Brauneck as we approach Bad Tolz and see Germany's highest peak, the steep rocky terrain of Mount Zugspitze (2,962m/9,718 ft above sea level), near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. There are also lakes along the Alpenstrasse including Hopfensee, Walchensee, Tegernsee, Schliersee and Konigssee that we visited earlier in the tour. For those interested in architecture or history you will find historic buildings along the route such as Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof Palace and Herrenchiemsee Palace, Ettal Abbey and Benediktbeuern Abbey.

There are so many captivating stops along Bavaria's most southerly tourist route that you could easily spend a few weeks here. We don’t have that long and so will see parts of it over three days; the eastern part has already been ridden. This middle section on this day and the final part the following day.

We shall be making stops for photographs and refreshments along the way and some might want to deviate from the route I have plotted because there are so many great roads along this alpine region. We will end the day at Oberjoch a popular ski resort. There is an inn that dates from the 1500’s and has been run by the same family for about 4 generations. I’ve only stopped here to eat but thought it was nice so I’ll check for availability.

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Day 11 - Oberjoch to Freudenstadt - circa 185 miles / 5.5 hours riding

LindauWe complete the Alpenstrasse taking the final section between Oberjoch and Lindau. The island has mainly pedestrianised cobbled streets and so we park and walk to see the sights and grab a coffee before setting off again.

From here we partially join another great German tourist route the Allenstrasse which is famed for its tree lined avenues. Its is scenic but rather different from the Alpenstrasse with many straight sections. We take our lunch break at Herbertingen. The nearby bronze age fort nearby and a museum for those who prefer to explore than eat.

Our next stop is in the university town of Tubingen where we shall stop close to the museum. There are an abundance of café’s nearby and the museum also makes an interesting visit. It is a pretty town with colourful timber-framed buildings.

We shall end the day in Freudenstadt which sits on a high plateau at the north eastern end of the Black Forest.

View Route Guide (indicative only, actual may differ)

Day 12 - Freudenstadt to Kirchberg - 185 miles / 5.5 hours riding

Schiltach MarketplaceWe deviate from the Allenstrasse as we leave Freudenstadt because I think the B462 is a nicer road through the Black Forest and you would miss villages like Schiltach which has steep cobbled streets and more old Tudor style homes. We take our first refreshment break at the old market town of Ettlingen on the northern edge of the Black Forest as we enter the Upper Rhine Plain. There has been a town here since Roman times because it sits at a natural crossroads.

Our journey continues crossing the Rhine to enter the primary German wine region taking a luch stop in Edenkoben.

This trail continues winding through the forest as we make our way north westerly taking our filal refreshment stop for the day in the spa town of Bad Kreuznach.

We end the day in Kirchberg. From the distance tow church spires and a water tower dominate the landscape and lead to the town being nicknamed the town of the mountain. Parts of the medieval wall that encircled the town are still evident. The hotel I plan to use is just outside the town.

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Day 13 - Kirchberg to IJmuiden - 278 miles / 4.5 hours riding

Today we leave behind the mountain regions and enter the relatively flat terrain of Belgium and Holland. There are a few twisty roads we could take if you want to exit he motorway which in the main we shall now be riding back to Ijmuiden. Furthermore, the route back to the port could visit cities like Liege or Maastricht but cities are always challenging with large groups of riders so I suggest to stick to the towns for stops and take our first refreshment break at Verviers where there is a McDonalds and other places within a large carpark. There is another beside a petrol station north of Eindhoven where we can stop for lunch. We complete the journey back at the port of Ijmuiden.

The ferry departs at 17:30 and we must be there is advance so we plan to arrive no later than 16:30. Dinner and Breakfast will be on board. We arrive at 09:15 the following day.

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Day 14 - Newcastle to Home - 200 miles / 5 hours riding

Take the overnight ferry back to North Shields and make your way home. Suggested route via Kielder and St Marys Loch and terminating at Hamilton Services.

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Route Variation

Please note that maps are indicative because it is not always possible to enter all the waypoints and on the day of departure as we need to review our routes based upon the latest traffic and weather information available making changes as and when necessary.

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