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Italian Alps and Lakes Tour

Lombardi, Italy
Best Western Hotel Master, Brescia

This Italian motorcycle tour is based at a newly modernised 4* hotel ideally located on the north west quadrant of the historical city centre looking out towards Brescia Castle and with many other ancient sites within comfortable walking distance whilst the lakes and alps of Italy are just to the north.

On this guided motorcycle tour you will ride some of the best motorcycle routes in Lombardi

Hearing south to Nago with view of Lago di Garda Pisogne Lombardi Italy Vercia Lake como Italy

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Brescia centered location

Our base for this Italian motorcycle tour is the Hotel Master which is located in an ideal position, in the heart of Brescia, just a few minutes from the historical city centre and looking out towards Brescia Castle. This 4 star hotel has been recently refurbished and offers comfortable accommodation and good food. Whilst this is a fantastic base to explore the lakes and alps or Italy by motorbike non bikers will discover that museums, monuments and shops can be easily reached by foot or using the great public transport system. Santa Giulia's museum is particularly important and really famous in Italy because it has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site. Throughout Brescia's long history squares and churches have in turns become the heart of the city and the main reference point for the surrounding area, such as the Renaissance Loggia square and the Romanesque Old Cathedral. For those interested in sports there are tennis courts, golf courses, fishing and horse riding nearby making this an ideal spot for both a family holiday and our biker clients who wish to tour the Italian Lakes and Alps.

Look at this itinerary and discover some of the most interesting motorcycle routes in italy

Brescia Sightseeing

A day relaxing after your flight and before riding to visits the sights of Brescia

There is much to see within walking distance of our 4 star hotel in Brescia; historic squares, Churches, Museums, interesting back lanes, Roman ruins including a partially reconstructed Temple etc. The Roman name for Brescia was called Brixia and the Gaul settlement pre dates the Roman period and so you will find much of historical interest in the city.

Naturally there are an abundance of shops and not far from the city you will find vineyards that offer tours and wine sampling.

You can of course just relax with a coffee in one of the city squares and watch the world go by.

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Sorisole, Lecco, Colico, Como (206 miles)

North side of Lake Como looking to South EastThis day takes as off to the east with a morning coffee stop at Sorisole a small town to the north of Bergamo. We continue east to Lecco and then travel north up the eastern shore of Lake Como to Colico where we break for lunch. On the return journey we take the western shore of the lake all the way to its south westerly point at the town of Como were we take a short break before passing lakes Alserio, Pusiano, Annone and the south eastern end of Lake Como. We then continue east back to our base at Brescia. About 206 miles and 7 hours riding.

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Brescia, San Giovanni Bianco, Sondrio, Capo di Monte (195 miles)

The SP* near MorbegnoWe rarely use motorways but occasionally the serve a purpose in delivering a means to quickly get to more interesting roads and to avoid city centre areas. This day is one of those occasions. As we head west towards Bergamo we hop onto the A4/E64 before departing the highway to head north into San Pellegrino Terme and onwards to the Alps. Our first stop for the day is at the town of San Giovanni Bianca which sits about 1000ft above sea level and where the Brembo river narrows. After morning coffee we continue our journey north over the mountains and down to Valtellina Valley close to the Swiss border to the town of Morbegao where we turn to the East to Sondrio once the capital of the Lombardi Kingdom and the site of an ancient Roman fort. We stop here for lunch. We continue east through the valley to Edolo where change direction to the south stopping at Capo di Monte for afternoon tea before completing our journey along the Eastern Shore of Lake Iseo and back to base at Brescia

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Brescia, Idro, Valvestine, Garda, Ledro, 150 miles

Descending from Liano to Lake GardaThis twisty route takes a popular cycling track into the hills high above Brescia then down to Nave, Odolo, Crone, Lago di Valvestino, before reaching the western shore of Lago dio Garda. We traverse the shore of the lake a while then rise agin into the mountains above Tignale, Campiona and Prieve before descending aagin at Limone. At Riva we turn west to Lago di Ledro before returning to Idro and westwards to Tavernole sul Mella where we then had Southy back to Brescia.

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Mantua, Vicenza, Verona, Lake Garda (190 miles)

Villa Almerico Capra (La Rotunda) VicenzaThis first day is very much a cultural journey with many interesting historical sites to see along our route. We also recognise that some riders will be more familiar with riding on the left and so we begin our trip partly using dual carriage ways because this helps acquaint the rider with Italian driving whilst also keeping the group relatively safe. In a stark contrast to the twisty alpine roads we will encounter on other days of this tour the journey to our first visit stop at Mantua cuts through the flat farmlands of northern Italy and at times along one of those roads that the Romans are famed for that runs straight as a die. Mantua is set on three lakes; Superiore, Mezzo and Inferiore, and the city is a world heritage site due to its collection of art and artefacts, architectural treasures and elegant palaces. We leave Mantua heading east to Montagnana and then north to Vicenza where we stop at Villa Almerico Capra (La Rotunda) another World Heritage Site by renowned architect Andrea Palladio. Our third stop of the day is at the Amphitheatre in Verona. Dating from 30AD and still a venue for modern day Opera and Theatre. We end the day with a rote back to Brescia along the southern shore of Lake Garda. About 190 miles with 7 hours riding.

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Route Variation

Please note that maps are indicative because it is not always possible to enter all the waypoints and on the day of departure as we need to review our routes based upon the latest traffic and weather information available making changes as and when necessary.

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Motorcycles For Rent in Lombardi, Italy, Available on this Tour

Most motorcycles available for hire are obtained directly from local mainstream dealers. We do not have exclusive access to these rental motorbikes and so availability must be confirmed. Prices and terms are set by the dealers who supply the machines.

  • BMW F800R Rent BMW F800R

    • From the 'Roadster' range, the F 800 R is an extremely capable motorcycle and makes an excellent touring bike.
    • Restrictions: Theft-Damage deposit 1500,00 (credit card authorization only)
    • Daily Hire: Euro €130
  • BMW F700GS Rent BMW F700GS

    • Restrictions: Theft-Damage deposit 1500,00 (credit card authorization only)
    • Daily Hire: Euro €130
  • BMW F800GT Rent BMW F800GT

    • Successor to the ST
    • Restrictions: Theft-Damage deposit 2.000,00 (credit card authorization only)
    • Daily Hire: Euro €160
  • Ducati Hyperstrada Rent Ducati Hyperstrada

    • The Hyperstrada extends the hypermotard concept to fascinating new horizons. ABS, DTC, windshield, side bags, dedicated ergonomics and a series of touring features offering a new riding experience for everyone who loves curves, even when they're far away from home. Hyperstrada: broaden the horizons of your emotions.
    • Restrictions: full insurance with deductible of 2000,00 euro
    • Daily Hire: Euro €160
  • BMW R1200R Rent BMW R1200R

    • When fitted with panniers this makes a great touring bike and is a classic 'roadster' version of the iconic BMW boxer engine
    • Restrictions: heft-Damage deposit 2.000,00 (credit card authorization only)
    • Daily Hire: Euro €180
  • BMW R1200GS Rent BMW R1200GS

    • There is no better Enduro bike. BMW created this class with the R 80 GS over 30 years ago and it's gone from strength to strength ever since.
    • Restrictions: heft-Damage deposit 2.000,00 (credit card authorization only)
    • Daily Hire: Euro €190
  • BMW R1200RT Rent BMW R1200RT

    • The most accomplished touring motorcycle for many years and it remains the bike of choice for long distance touring.
    • Restrictions: heft-Damage deposit 2.000,00 (credit card authorization only)
    • Daily Hire: Euro €190
  • Ducati Multistrada Rent Ducati Multistrada

    • The new Multistrada 1200 transforms every road into an unending thrill-fest. Skyhook suspension, which ensures the best set-up every inch of the way, and the stunningly smooth Testastretta 11° DS engine merge with unmistakable Ducati appeal to provide the ride of your life.
    • Restrictions: full insurance with deductible of 3000,00 euro
    • Daily Hire: Euro €200
  • Ducati Monster Rent Ducati Monster

    • The performance and fluidity of the new Testastretta 11° DS engine, the versatility of the three Riding Modes, the comfort of the adjustable seat and passenger handles make the Monster 1200 a bike that is capable of adapting to any occasion, so that you can follow your instincts in every situation. The unmistakeable Monster design is truly iconic and means there is no limit to your enjoyment.
    • Restrictions: full insurance with deductible of 3000,00 euro
    • Daily Hire: Euro €200
  • Ducati Diavel Rent Ducati Diavel

    • The intoxicating design, with innovative LED headlight, and refined rider comfort of the new Diavel may imply "cruiser," but the brute force of its 162 hp Testastretta engine and its razor sharp handling prove otherwise.
    • Restrictions: full insurance with deductible of 3000,00 euro
    • Daily Hire: Euro €200
  • BMW K1600GT Rent BMW K1600GT

    • The first six cylinder BMW motorcycle and winner of multiple motorcycling awards
    • Restrictions: Theft-Damage deposit 2.500,00 (credit card authorization only)
    • Daily Hire: Euro €210

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