Regional Tours

Regional Motorcycle Tours

Regional Tours centred in the area to be toured

Our Regional tours operate from a fixed base in the centre of the area to be toured. Spidering out from this location we take a different route each day to fully explore the region north south east and west of the central point.

Operating from a luxury Hotel or Country Club and using Motorcycles supplied by local dealers enables riders to explore an area without the arduous journey of getting to the region.

  • In Scotland we use the Doubletrees by Hilton Dunblane Hydro Hotel because this is ideally located to reach both highlands and lowland of Scotland within a 200 mile daily circuit.
  • In Southern France Chateau des Vigiers proves an excellent base to tour the Dordogne.
  • For Northern Italy the Hotel Master in Brescia is the perfect location for reaching the Italian Lakes and Alps

All of our fixed base tours are centered at a luxury hotel resort where we stay for eight consecutive nights of a typical tour. This longer stay in one hotel affords greater negotiating power with the resort enabling us to offer our customers high standard accommodation at highly competitive prices. This tour offering is ideal for the rider whose partner has little or no interest in biking because they can relax by the pool, go off sightseeing or shopping and enjoy the resort facilities while their other half is away biking. This fixed location is carefully selected to be central to a region allowing the area to be fully explored taking a different route each day to ensure that the best biking roads the area has to offer are experienced.

Regional Tours include: