Short Tours

Short Motorcycle Tours

Day trips to 5 day holidays

Our Short Tours can be as little as day trips although most are long weekends or mid-week breaks incorporating 3 days riding. Almost all are offered from our Glasgow base but we can arrange other locations by special arrangement.

Day trips tend to suit riders who are already holidaying in Scotland but they want to experience parts of the country by bike. A typical day trip might leave Glasgow heading towards the Trossachs National Park, ride north up the west shore of Loch Lomond and west to Inveraray and onward to Oban. Then heading back to the east to Callander and then south through the western side of the Trossachs to return to Glasgow. This is a very pleasant day trip with many minor road variations available to make the trip anywhere from 194 to 235 miles

Most short breaks involve the rider arriving the day before the first trip and leaving the day after the last trip. So, you arrive day one, ride days two, three and four and return home or move along on day five. From Glasgow we usually head North, West or South each day although we occasionally head East if the rider or group desire.

Whether day trip or short break the format is always the same; we take you through breath-taking scenery and along the twisty roads that most bikers love. Approximately every 90 minutes we stop for a refreshment break or to view a place of interest.

Short trips in areas other than Scotland can be arranged but unless added before or after a planned tour of that area tend to be too expensive to set up. However, there are at least 4 riders in your group we can usually make it viable.

Unless the rider is incorporating the riding into an existing holiday in the region our Short Trips are usually based at a luxury Hotel or Country Club. We always use motorcycles supplied by local dealers (in Scotland this includes BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda and Suzuki). We recommend hiring a bike from one of our local suppliers to avoid the laborious journey of getting from where you are to the region we shall tour, but if you want to bring your own bike then we are happy to accommodate you.

  • In Scotland we recommend the Hotel du Vin in Glasgow because this is ideally located to reach the city centre if your family want to head into town yet is best placed to reach the roads we shall tour on our circa 200 mile daily circuit.
  • In Switzerland we recommend The Hotel Cornivan in Geneva because it has railway station, tram station and bus station on its doorstep making it ideal for family to tour the city yet we can easily escape the city centre to reach the Juras, the Apls or Lake Geneva for our daily trips.
  • For Northern Italy the Hotel Master in Brescia because there is so much for families to see and do in the city whilst the rider is away exploring the Italian Lakes and Alps

The above examples of our Short Tour bases ensure that a rider whose partner or family have little or no interest in biking have plenty to see and do whilst you are away biking. Operating from a fixed location that is central to a region we tour allows the area to be fully explored taking a different route each day to ensure that the best biking roads the area has to offer are experienced.

Examples of Short Tours: