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All too often visitors to Spain spend their holiday at a beach front resort and think the rest of Spain is simply about farming, bull fighting, paella and sangria, but, Spain has so much more to offer than that. From the outstanding scenery along the twisty backroads in the Pyrenees to the north of the country to those in the Sierra Nevada’s in the south the Spanish mountain roads will always thrill riders. Add to that a diverse history with various occupiers over time including the Roman and the Moors leading to the modern day 17 autonomous regions of Spain and you soon learn that each region of Spain has something unique to offer. Motorcycle Tours in Spain, Paseos en moto por España.

Western Spain and Northern Portugal

Location: Madrid west to Douro
Accommodation: 4 star hotels half board
Summary: Primarily staying in historical properties that are all 4 star rated
Motorcycle Hire Available: Yes
Madrid west to Douro, Spain, Western Spain and Northern Portugal

Pyrenean Mountains Moto Tour

Location: Pyrenees
Accommodation: 3 - 5 star hotels, bed and breakfast
Summary: A 9 day, 8 night motorcycle tour of the Spanish and French Pyrenees with 7 days riding mountain roads along the Pyrenean French/Spanish border.
Motorcycle Hire Available: Yes
Pyrenees, Spain, Pyrenean Mountains Moto Tour

Andalucia pre season break

Location: Antequera
Accommodation: 4 Star Hotel, Dinner Bed and Breakfast
Summary: Designed for our UK clients to enjoy a pre season warm up with 3 days riding. Flights are available from many UK airports to Malaga and transfers between Airport and Hotel are included.
Motorcycle Hire Available: Yes
Antequera, Spain, Andalucia pre season break

Pyrenean Motorcycle Tour

Location: Pyrenees
Accommodation: 3 and 4 star hotels, dinner bed and breakfast
Summary: A 9 day, 8 night tour with 7 days riding mainly on mountain roads
Motorcycle Hire Available: Yes
Pyrenees, Spain, Pyrenean Motorcycle Tour

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The above are some of our recent motorcycle tours in spain motorbike tours. For more motorbike tours in spain (moto tours in spain) or to explore motorcycle routes in spain, or to plan an adventure motorcycle trip to spain get in touch