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To some Ireland may look a small country but the island offers a diverse range of landscapes from the soft rolling Wicklow Hills on the east to the inland loughs and bog lands across to the majestic cliffs of Moher on the west. Add to that a rich history including mythological traditions, Irish literature and traditional music and of course the Irish Craic and you will understand why Ireland is always a popular request for a motorcycle tour.

Irish Motorbike Tour

Location: Athlone
Accommodation: Luxury Hodson Bay 4* Spa Hotel on the shore of Lough Ree
Summary: A 9 day, 8 night, 7 day rider experience of Ireland
Motorcycle Hire Available: Yes
Athlone, Republic of Ireland, Irish Motorbike Tour

Northern and North West Ireland

Location: Ballina County Mayo Ireland
Accommodation: 3 and 4 star rated hotels (dinner, bed and breakfast)
Summary: A tour of the north and west coast of Ireland with a stops in Dublin and Belfast
Motorcycle Hire Available: Yes
Ballina County Mayo Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Northern and North West Ireland

Motorcycle Tours in REPUBLIC OF IRELAND

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